JBL Acoustical Space SM Megamall Cyberzone

JBL Acoustical Space SM Megamall Cyberzone

JBL Acoustical Space now open at SM Megamall Cyberzone!

JBL Acoustical Space now open!

Our friends from JBL just opened their new store at the SM Megamall Cyberzone aptly named the JBL Acoustical Space. It’s really not your regular shop because they have a mean listening room/studio near the back with a monstrous home theater set-up.

Speakers... speakers... speakers... and more speakers!

The set-up you’re seeing above costs around Php500,000 with installation.

In terms of the products available they have various headphones, earphones, and speakers. Going through their line-up actually made me realize how time flies by fast because we’ve reviewed quite a number of JBL/Harman Kardon products in the last year alone. Here’s a quick list that we compiled:

AKG K518 Limited Edition Headphone
AKG K402 Portable Headphone
AKG K404 Portable Headphone
AKG 311 Earphone
AKG K326 Sports Headset
JBL Cinema Soundbar System
JBL OnBeat Loudspeaker
Harman Kardon GLA-55
Harman Kardon Sound Sticks

Here are a few more photos of the place:

Some of the cans on display probably look really familiar to you guys, hehe.
Different types of speakers for home theater set-ups are also on display
This particular product made me drool. K701 Quincy Jones Edition. Sells for Php25,000.

They’re still on soft opening so expect the shop to get even better in January. If you’re ever in SM Megamall don’t hesitate to swing by and ask around. The staff they have their are also really helpful and knowledgeable about audio gear. 🙂

Congratulations JBL!

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