The Meizu 21 Pro will be its Swan Song

The Meizu 21 Pro will be its Swan Song

Meizu is calling quits on smartphones, and as it transitions to AI, the brand revealed that it will release one more phone as its swan song. Called the Meizu 21, the brand teased the phone on its socials and revealed that it will have a 6.79-inch display.


Looking through the teaser image, the Meizu 21 Pro appears to be less boxy than the 20 Pro, with the sides of the phone pointing to a curved AMOLED panel. If the renders are accurate, we are looking at a phone that has practically no bezels–and it appears to be thinner than the already skinny bezels on the 20 Pro.


Meizu revealed little detail on the 21 Pro but its CEO claims that it has advanced AI concepts that can beat those found on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Huawei Pocket 2. Since we’re talking about AI, we assume that the 21 Pro will most likely use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

Meizu 20 Pro

Meizu will reveal more details about the 21 Pro–and the future of its phones–on February 29 in China. While we are waiting, Meizu’s CEO also revealed that FlymeOS will be restructured, andd that Meizu moving forward will be developing AI terminals for LLMs like OpenAI.

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