Mercusys Brings Line of WiFi Routers to the Philippines

Mercusys Brings Line of WiFi Routers to the Philippines

New WiFi router player Mercusys enters the Philippines, bringing its line of WiFi routers that are priced competitively to make them accessible to Filipinos with their needs and preferences. All of these Mercusys WiFi routers are available through physical and online stores like Lazada and Shopee.

Here’s the line of Mercusys WiFi Routers that will be made available in the Philippines:

The MB110-4G is a WiFi router that has a SIM slot for LTE connectivity, allowing you WiFi speeds of up to 300Mbps at home. This compact WiFi router can connect up to 32 devices and is also compatible with cable, fiber, and DSL modems as well. The MB110-4G is priced at Php 2,490.


Those looking for a more affordable WiFi router that’s portable and has LTE connectivity can consider the MT110, which can connect up to 10 devices and offers speeds of up to 150Mbps. It has a 2200mAh battery that is rated for up to 10 hours on a single charge. This portable WiFi router is priced at Php 1,740.


Those looking for an affordable WiFi 6 router can go for the MR60X, which has 4 high-gain antennas and Mercusys’ Beamforming tech for stable connectivity at every corner of your hours. It has Gigabit ports for high-speed connectivity to suit your online gaming and streaming needs. At Php 1,690, the MR60X is an affordable WiFi 6 router that you can consider.


The MR80X, on the other hand, is a high-speed WiFi 6 router that offers speeds of up to 3Gbps and has 4 high-gain antennas and Mercusys’ Beamforming tech. You also get MU-MIMO and OFDMA tech as well for efficient handling of multiple devices to reduce network congestion. It is also affordable at Php 2,790.


Moving up to WiFi 6 Mesh systems, the Halo H80X gives you speeds as high as 3000Mbps with its sleek look, and is divided into two: 2402Mbps on the 5Ghz band, and 574Mbps on the 2.4Ghz band. Its WiFi mesh capabilities make the Halo H80X cover 650 square meters. This WiFi 6 Mesh system is priced at Php 6,990.


A more affordable Whole Home Mesh system is the Halo H30G, which can connect up to 100 devices with speeds of up to 1.3Gbps, along with coverage for up to 2800 square feet, along with 2 Gigabit ports per unit for high-speed wired connections. The Halo H30G is priced at Php 1,990, which is very affordable for a Whole Home Mesh system.


Rounding up its offering in the Philippines is the MR30G, which is one of the most affordable Gigabit WiFi routers in the Philippines at Php 1,299. This WiFi router can provide speeds of up to 1.2Gbps and has 4 high-gain antennas and Beamforming tech, along with Gigabit ports for high-speed internet connectivity.


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