OPPO’s F7 Free With Smart’s GigaX Plan 1499

OPPO’s F7 Free With Smart’s GigaX Plan 1499

You can get the latest selfie expert for free under Smart

Smart is now offering OPPO’s latest mid-range wonder, the F7, for free under their GiGaX Plan 1499. Under the plan users will have to drop an initial cash out payment of Php 1,4999, and pay a monthly amount of Php 1,499 for 24 months.

Under the GiGaX Plan 1499, users get 5 GB of open access data, 10GB of data for videos, unlimited all net texts, 60 mins of all net calls and data rollover features if you don’t use your allocation.

Smart is offering the 4GB/64GB variant of the OPPO F7 in either black or silver with the plan.

You can read our full review of the OPPO F7 here.

OPPO F7 Review: More Than Just A Selfie Expert

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