Razer To Open Second Flagship Store in PH On August 14

Razer To Open Second Flagship Store in PH On August 14

Only the second ever store after the one in Taiwan

We all know that Razer is opening their second ever flagship store right here in the Philippines, but we still don’t know the official date for the store opening. Well, that changes today- we finally have the official date of the launch – Razer faithful can block off August 14, as that’s the official opening of their second flagship store in the world.

The store opening is a big deal, since many people don’t think the PH should have been the site for the company’s second flagship store. That didn’t sit well with Razer CEO and founder Min-Liang Tan, who has spoken out and said that the opening of the flagship store in the country is mainly for legions of Razer fans in the PH.

I’m sure we’d make more money if we set up the next Razerstore in some countries other than Philippines – but that’s not what we’re about. Money isn’t everything to us – the community means a lot more to us. The community, the fans – means a lot to me.

Anyway, you can check back on the site on August 14 where we’ll be covering the event from start to finish, and maybe even score an interview with the charismatic CEO.

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