Razer’s Lancehead Wireless Mouse Is Good Enough For eSports

Razer’s Lancehead Wireless Mouse Is Good Enough For eSports

Or so they claim

While casual plebs like us prefer wireless mice over wired solutions to de-clutter our workspace, pro gamers still swear by wired mice for serious work. Razer’s trying to change that, and has released the new Lancehead wireless mouse, which they claim is good enough for eSports use. The new mouse is powered by Razer’s new Adaptive Frequency Technology that allows it to automatically switch between the strongest frequencies available in the 2.4GHz band which should result in wired-like performance.

The Lancehead has a 5G laser sensor that’s capable of 16,000 DPI, 210 inches-per-second tracking and 50G acceleration. The new mouse will also be the first Razer peripheral that’ll be running on the Razer Synapse Pro, which allows all mouse settings to be saved on the mouse and on the cloud. This makes sense for pro gamers, who usually travel quite a bit to compete.

The Razer Lancehead will be hitting stores as early as May, and will retail with a Php 7,799 price tag. A cheaper wired version of the Lancehead can be had for Php 4,499.

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