Report: Samsung’s Drive to Innovate Beyond Apple’s iPhones Led to the Note 7 Blunder

Report: Samsung’s Drive to Innovate Beyond Apple’s iPhones Led to the Note 7 Blunder

Samsung’s alleged over-eagerness to out-innovate rival tech manufacturer Apple was the cause of the current Galaxy Note 7 crisis, based on a report by Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, earlier this year, Samsung’s executives found out that Apple was only planning an incremental, not-so-beefy upgrade for their new iPhone 7 series. This perception spurred the higher-ups to take advantage of the situation and push the Note 7’s innovation and design to the limit.

Samsung’s course adjustment led to tighter production deadlines for the Note 7 and pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the phone’s architecture. The infamous Note 7’s battery was increased to 3500mAh, from the previous Note 5’s 3000mAh capacity, despite having a relatively similar frame size. It’s this very battery that’s causing havoc with Samsung’s current credibility and future as a major player in the tech industry.

Bloomberg added that while the company’s phone division placed the blame on their subsidiary battery firm, Samsung SDI, the managers there tell a different tale. According to the SDI managers, the true cause might have been the Galaxy Note 7’s actual design.

Last week, Samsung confirmed that only 130,000 Note 7 units have been turned in for replacement, representing only around 10% of the total affected devices in consumer circulation. There’s still a whopping 90% left that need to be returned to the company.

Source: The Verge, Bloomberg

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