Samsung Might Return To Exynos Chips For Galaxy S24 And S23 FE

Samsung Might Return To Exynos Chips For Galaxy S24 And S23 FE

After enjoying Snapdragon Bliss for the past few years, it looks like Samsung is planning to return to Exynos processors for their upcoming Galaxy S24 and S23 FE smartphones according to Pocket Lint.

The report, which comes from what Pocket Lint describes as coming from a “reliable source”, claims that the Korean outfit will be returning to its home-grown Exynos line of processors for the upcoming Galaxy S23 FE, as well as going back to the practice of offering it in its upcoming Galaxy S24 series in some regions.

Samsung did away with the practice of stuffing Exynos chips in select regions including the Philippines, which drew a lot of positive feedback. Their returning to the old practice is sure to draw a lot of flak, as the chip has been perceived by many as inferior to Qualcomm’s flagship offering. In our experience, Exynos-powered phones typically drew more power than their Snapdragon brethren while offering less performance.

If the rumors are true, then the Galaxy S23 FE will probably use either the old Exynos 2200 (which was used for the S22) or the upcoming Exynos 2400.

Ben Wood, Chief Analyst and CMO of CCS Insight said it best: “This is a strategy Samsung has adopted in the past, offering the Exynos variant to the European market, while delivering the Qualcomm solution to other markets such as the US and South Korea. The decision proved unpopular with technology enthusiasts and some network operators who liked the predictability and performance advantages of the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and there was delight in some quarters when the Galaxy S23 series was launched with the Snapdragon platform in all markets.”

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