Samsung Unveils World’s First Curved UHD TV in PH

Samsung Unveils World’s First Curved UHD TV in PH


Samsung’s curved UHD TV’s are simply stunning

Yesterday Samsung officially unveiled the world’s first curved ultra-high definition TVs in the Philippine market during an event held in Paranaque. The new curved UHD compliments Samsung’s UHD lineups, which already has their flat UHD TV offerings.


So why a curved TV you may ask? Well, Samsung says that the curved display allows for a more realistic viewing experience even from different angles, giving everyone the same viewing angle wherever they choose to sit. The ultra high-definition resolution (around 4 times higher than standard full HD displays) makes the images on the curved screen seem extremely lifelike – as long as you have a 4K source, of course. In our experience, this isn’t always the case, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you bought one of these and you played terrestial TV on them (the resulting upscaled image quality would be terrible) – full HD movies and shows are definitely recommended if you can’t find 4K content.


Like Samsung’s other TVs, the Curved UHD TV is also a Smart TV, and can hop online to browse the internet, and allows you watch YouTube content once it’s hooked up to your home network.


As far as screen sizes goes, the The Curved UHD SMART TV is available in 78-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches in all Samsung outlets nationwide.


You’re probably wondering about the price of these babies. Of course, these things aren’t cheap – expect to pay around Php 300K for the entry models all the way to P500K for the bigger, full featured ones. Samsung didn’t supply us with the actual prices, so it’d be best to go to a Samsung concept store (or a dealer) to check out the prices yourselves.

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