The Osmo Pocket 3 Is Made For TikTok

The Osmo Pocket 3 Is Made For TikTok

It has been 3 years since DJI unveiled the Pocket 2 as its tiny Steadicam made for vlogging. In what felt like forever (as far as tech launches are concerned), the Osmo Pocket 3 has finally arrived–and the 3-year wait is worth it for DJI’s tiny gimbal camera.

While it retains the core design language of every Osmo Pocket released, the main attraction of the Pocket 3 is its display, which is significantly large at 2 inches and rotates to suit BOTH landscape and portrait orientations. This clever solution–which includes a satisfying click when you rotate the screen–allows the Pocket 3 to remain compact while having adequate screen estate while shooting.

Having a rotating screen that automatically shifts shooting orientation is also very handy, especially in this age of TikTok and Reels where vertical videos are king. This also addresses one of the major pain points of the Osmo Pocket series–that the postage stamp-sized screen is hard to use. The bigger display makes the Osmo Pocket 3 taller–but DJI claims it’s just roughly the height of an iPhone 13.

Aside from the more useful screen, the Osmo Pocket 3 upgrades to a large 1-inch sensor that can push ISO to 16000–through early reviews advise sticking to the normal ISO 6400 limit. 4K video recording is now better with support for 120FPS, while 1080p video recording supports 240FPS. It also borrows the Mini 4 Pro’s support for D-LogM for 10-bit capture and 10-bit HLG HDR recording for more flexibility in color grading during post-processing. The sensor also has “full-pixel fast focusing”, which means that the OSMO Pocket 3 has significantly better autofocus performance than its predecessors.

You also get support for DJI’s wireless mics on top of its onboard stereo mic, and the built-in 1300mAh battery is rated for up to 2 hours of 4K60 video recording. You can extend that by 70% with the battery handle accessory.

These upgrades also make the Osmo Pocket 3 more expensive: the standard kit will set you Php 29,990, while the Creator Combo Bundle–which includes a Mic 2 transmitter, battery handle, mini tripod, and carrying bag–is Php 10k more expensive at Php 39,990.

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