Top 5 User Recommended Budget TWS Earbuds for 2024

Top 5 User Recommended Budget TWS Earbuds for 2024

Ever since Apple kicked off the TWS earbuds trend with the AirPods, more brands have released solid affordable alternatives that offer roughly the same features at the fraction of the cost. We have our own personal picks, and our community recommended more options.

As a response to the comments we got from our original listicle, we round up user recommended picks for budget TWS Earbuds for 2024. For this list, our basis is on how many times a certain TWS earbuds model is mentioned on our Facebook post. Here’s what our community recommends:

User Recommended Budget TWS Earbuds for 2024


Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC

This particular TWS earbuds from Anker’s Soundcore sub-brand is the most mentioned on our Facebook post, and with a price tag of around Php 5k, we understand why. While it’s more expensive than the Redmi Buds 5 Pro that we recommended, the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC offers longer battery life–up to 50 hours with the case with ANC turned off, and up to 10 hours on a single charge. Aside from that, the Liberty 4 NC offers wireless charging and a more programable EQ system for a tailor-fit sound profile. Overall, it has features that premium TWS earbuds have–all at roughly half the price.



Moondrop Space Travel

Moondrop’s audio products are a hit in the ChiFi market, and those looking for something more affordable than the Nekocake can opt for the Space Travel–which sell for around Php 1.5k. What makes them interesting is their futuristic case design that has a transparent lid to showcase the TWS earbuds’ boxy look. For that affordable price tag, you get creature comforts like ANC and transparency mode, along with three different presets for bass tuning. And an added bonus? You have an anime waifu giving prompts when you enable or disable ANC.



Huawei FreeBuds 5i

Huawei’s FreeBuds Xi series are great affordable alternatives to the more premium FreeBuds Pro line, and we understand why people recommend it. We personally liked the overall value the FreeBuds 4i offered, and the FreeBuds 5i improves on that by adding support for Hi-Res Audio and improving on its ANC capabilities, being able to cancel up to 42db of noise. You get those features at a price of just under Php 3k with their current promo price.




We weren’t expecting a pair of gaming TWS earbuds to be recommended by our community, and we can’t blame them either. While we initially did not include the ROG Cetra in our original listicle, there’s a lot to like about these gamer TWS earbuds. Beyond the familiar ROG aesthetic, the Cetra has a surprisingly balanced sound stage, that’s unexpected for a pair of gaming TWS earbuds that tend to emphasize more on punchy bass. If that’s not enough, the Cetra’s soundstage is fully customizable through the ROG Armoury Crate app–and at under Php 5k, ROG proves that they can also make great gaming TWS earbuds as well.



SoundPEATS Mini Pro

A lot of our users mentioned SoundPEATS in our post, and we generally had positive thoughts on all of their offerings. The most recent TWS earbuds we reviewed from SoundPEATS is the Mini Pro, which are slightly bigger than the Galaxy Buds2 but are very comfortable to wear. Considering they currently have a promo price of under Php 2.5k, the Mini Pro has a lot to offer: aside from offering a punchy bass out of the box, you also get premium features like aptX adaptive for smoother wireless audio streams and a decent 5 hour battery life with ANC enabled.


  • SoundPEATS Mini Pro Review: So Comfy, You’ll Forget They’re On

That rounds up our user recommended picks for budget TWS earbuds for 2024. Do you agree with our community’s picks? Do let us know!

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