Turn Your Regular TV Into an Internet TV with PLDT Tvolution

Turn Your Regular TV Into an Internet TV with PLDT Tvolution


Witness the evolution of the TV

Even with the advent of smartphones, Filipino families have still gravitated towards watching TV as a bonding activity. From watching the latest news, telenovelas or even live sporting events pinoys love watching TV with their close family members and friends.

PLDT is once again strengthening family ties by introducing the #TVolution. The #TVolution is a small but powerful device that turns any TV into a smart TV, giving users access to hundreds of on-demand blockbuster movies from Clickplay, thousands of TV series and the ability to browse the internet using your TV.

Aside from the numerous streaming content available, the #TVolution also comes pre-installed with apps that deliver the hottest news, games and music. It’s also capable of playing back your own movies, music and photos if you’re not in the mood for browsing and just want to relax with your own media collection. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also compatible with Android apps, so you can download your own apps to the #TVolution to use whenever you want. Angry Birds anyone?

It’s simple to install as well – you just need to connect it to your TV via HDMI and sync it to your home WiFi connection.

PLDT’s #TVolution is available to existing PLDT Home Fibr subscribers in Metro Manila, as well as select myDSL subscribers for only Php 199 a month, which includes free delivery within 3-5 days upon approval of application.

Also available for subscribers of PLDT HOME DSL Plan 999 and up. Call 171 for more info. To learn more, visit pldthome.com

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