Ultra-smart HUAWEI Watch 4 Arrives In The Philippines

Ultra-smart HUAWEI Watch 4 Arrives In The Philippines

After launching its mid-range Watch GT 4, Huawei has finally released its top-end wearable, the Watch 4, to the Philippines. The mainline Watch Series has always been the most refined smartwatch that the brand offered in the country (before the Watch Ultimate) and gave users the most advanced features that could be found in any wearable.

Starting off with the externals, the Watch 4 has an even slimmer design that utilizes a mirror stainless steel case. The display is brighter and sharper than ever, with the Watch 4 utilizing a 1.5-inch, 466 x 466 resolution, LTPO always-on display.

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The biggest change here is the addition of eSIM functionality for the watch, a first for the series in the country. The Huawei Watch 4 will be able to use a separate eSIM, or if you’re a Globe user, utilize your already existing eSIM in it, so you’ll be able to use many of the advanced features of the watch like music streaming and calling without needing to carry your phone around. The Watch 4 will also soon be able to use GCash for payments without the need for your phone if there’s an eSIM inside of it, making it the first wearable in the country to support that functionality.

Aside from that, it does everything you expect an awesome smartwatch to do: it has multiple health monitoring features including being able to read your heart rate, ECG, arterial stiffness Blood Oxygen (SpO2), Body temperature sensors, stress monitoring, and respiratory checker. There are so many sensors in this thing that Huawei claims it can create a micro-physical report for users in just 60 seconds.

As far as activities and exercises go, the Watch 4 is still filled to the brim with it – there are more than 100 sports modes to select, and it’s smart enough to tell you what the effects of a particular exercise will be to you in your current health state.

The Watch 4 retains the series’ amazing battery life, with Huawei promising 14 hours in ultra-long battery life mode, or 8 days with typical use.

HUAWEI Watch 4 Price Philippines

The Huawei Watch 4 is priced at Php 22,999 in the Philippines, with customers receiving a free Huawei Sound Joy speaker worth PHP 6,999 with every purchase until supplies last.


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