Unboxing the Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones

Unboxing the Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones: The Best Bluetooth Headphones in the World?

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Dubbed by CNET as the “Porche of Bluetooth Headphones”, the Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones delivers outstanding sound quality, smart touch-based controls, unique stylish design, noise cancellation, and wireless or wired connectivity. The only downside for this is probably the price tag since it retails for $399. Locally the SRP is at Php21,000, making it one of the most expensive wireless cans you can buy.

We’ve only had the unit for a day but we’re definitely impressed with it. It shows so much potential for what smart headphones can be like and we’re more than willing to bite the bullet and be early adaptors for products like this. Read on for our unboxing and initial impressions!

Comes in a simple, unassuming box

For all the features and style this set of cans brings with it, you’d expect for the company who made it to use something more fashionable for the packaging, lol. The Parrot Zik comes in a very plain brown carton box with a transparent plastic cover. The cans are visible and you can easily see the quality of the materials used for the headband, cups, and foam. They scream epicness.

What the front of the box looks like
What the back of the box looks like

To unbox just remove the tape at the top and at the bottom. You can then lift the top cover (it’s a two-part box) and you’ll find the Parrot Zik resting comfortably, waiting for your grubby hands to touch it, lol.

Initial Impressions with the Design

I don’t think I’ve seen headphones with the same level of quality of materials as I’ve seen with the Parrot Zik. The padded black headband is solid to hold but soft on the head. As you go down the headband you’ll find curved metallic retractable rods connecting the ear cups to the band. The earpads are made from soft memory foam (they conform to the shape of your ears).

The Parrot Zik unboxed!
Just gorgeous.

What makes the Parrot Zik unique are the smart features packed in it. It actually has an NFC chip so you can just tap your smartphone (with NFC) on the outer face of the ear cup to pair (stream is still via Bluetooth though, NFC is just there to activate). You can also control the volume and next/previous via touch gestures on the right outer ear cup. There’s also a jawbone sensor in the inner cup. When you pull down the headphones from your head it will automatically pause the music playing on your device (amazziiiiiing).

We’ll talk more about the features and the Android/iOS app in the full review!

What else is in the box?

microUSB cable for charging and firmware updating, standard headphone cable, user manual, and black cloth pouch.

In the box you’ll find the usual stuff. I’m a bit disappointed that the pouch is just made from plain cloth. Parrot could definitely have made a better carrying case for such a premium set of cans right? It also comes with a battery which not only powers the cans but also is used for the active noise cancellation feature.

Pricing and Availability

View from the side. Really nice cans!

Local SRP is Php21,500. I’m not sure yet which stores will actually carry it. I’d like to thank my good friend Abe from Yugatech for hooking me up with this!

Watch out for the full review guys! We’ll probably showcase this as well during the next podcast episode on Monday.

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