Your Phone has a Green Line: What it is and How to Fix it

Your Phone has a Green Line: What it is and How to Fix it

Has a mysterious green line suddenly appeared on the screen of your phone? We hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is most likely the infamous green line issue that’s been plaguing displays for what feels like forever.

Now, all hope isn’t lost for your device, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to get rid of that annoying strip of light with just a few simple actions. If you aren’t, then keep reading to find out what other real options you have to salvage your phone.


What is the Green Line issue?

Before we try to fix the green line issue, it’s important to know what exactly it is. As the name suggests, this issue manifests as a thin green line running through a display, usually in a vertical orientation that stretches from the top and bottom of a screen. This is a mostly aesthetic problem as devices that suffer green lines still function as they normally would.

What Causes the Green Line?

There are many things that could have caused a green line to appear on a display. It could be a loose or damaged display connector. It could also be water or fall damage, perhaps even an incompatible app. 

What we know for sure is that green lines have recently started to appear on smartphones with AMOLED displays, and all phone manufacturers seem to be affected. Any device is reportedly susceptible to the Green Line issue whether it’s an Apple iPhone running iOS or the multitudes of Android phones from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, Vivo, iQOO, and Motorola.

How to Fix the Green Line Issue? (Software)

Let’s start with the easiest methods first, which are:

  1. Restarting your phone.
  2. Removing recently added apps.
  3. Factory resetting your phone.

Usually, a green line can be attributed to a software glitch, and at best, a factory reset should be able to resolve it.

How to Fix the Green Line Issue? (Hardware)

If none of the above-mentioned methods removed the green line on your device, then the problem is most likely related to hardware. As such, the next options for fixing will become more invasive, difficult, and expensive.

  1. Have your phone checked.
  2. Have your phone repaired.
  3. Have your phone replaced.

If your device is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to do any of these without having to open your wallet. If not, well, you may want to get used to having a green line on your phone or else you’ll have to shell out for a repair or a complete replacement of your phone’s display.

You could, of course, attempt to fix the issue yourself. But if you’re not an expert, we do not recommend this route at all. It’s always best to go to a professional, even if it’s not cheap. At the end of the day, spending money to remove a green line that’s appeared on your device could save you more time and energy.

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