TECNO has their Own Robot Dog with the Dynamic 1

TECNO has their Own Robot Dog with the Dynamic 1

The POVA 6 Pro is not the only main highlight of TECNO’s presence at MWC 2024. TECNO even unveiled their robot dog called the Dynamic 1, making them the latest brand after Xiaomi that’s exploring the world of robotics.


Unlike Xiaomi’s robot dogs, the TECNO Dynamic 1 looks more like a dog, as it draws inspiration from German Shepherds with its pointy ears and snout that houses its array of sensors. In fact, the Dynamic 1 is much closer to how we actually imagine robot dogs in the future.

Like Xiaomi’s CyberDog, TECNO’s Dynamic 1 has four legs with a toque output of 45Nm/kg, allowing it to climb stairs and do a few tricks like bowing and handing over its paw. The array of sensors found on the Dynamic 1 includes an Intel RealSense D430 depth camera and TECNO’s own AI HyperSense Fusion System and is powered by an unspecified 8-core ARM CPU.

The Dynamic 1 has 64GB of storage, which we presume allows you to load programs into it. You get connectivity options like WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, along with the ability to control the Dynamic 1 via an app or through voice commands and a dedicated remote control. Keeping the lights on is a swappable 15000mAh battery that allows you to run the Dynamic 1 for 90 minutes.

Before you get too excited about owning a Dynamic 1, TECNO said that they have no plans of making it available commercially (at least for now). Instead, Dynamic 1 is meant to showcase TECNO’s innovation in advanced robotics and AI.

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