Canva Just Got Upgraded With Crazy AI Tools

Canva Just Got Upgraded With Crazy AI Tools

Creating videos, presentations, and documents just got a whole lot easier with all the AI tools Canva has to offer with Magic Studio. Available free of charge for existing Canva Pro users, users can generate more quality content that they will need for different platforms with just a few clicks and their prompts. It’s like ChatGPT for visual design: you tell Canva what you want, and Canva does most of the heavy work.

One of the more powerful tools is Magic Design, where Canva can create videos, presentations, and more based on your prompts and the media assets you plan to use. With this tool, you can easily translate your ideas into different formats for various platforms. Magic Design is so convenient, that you can craft a document, presentation, and video in just one go–saving users a lot of time in editing their content to suit different platforms and focus on more important tasks instead.

Magic Edit is a powerful feature where you can make changes to an image using generative AI. Should you like to change the background of your photo to your dream destination, Magic Edit can do that for you. Need your portrait photo to look formal enough for ID pictures? Magic Edit has you covered too.

Magic Studio’s AI powers do not stop there, as Magic Media can translate your text prompts into images or videos without the need to use a separate platform. Magic Media uses Runway’s Gen-2 video generation AI, but Canva will allow you to use other platforms like Dall-E, Imagen by Google, MurfAI, and Soundraw as well.

There’s a fine print with how many times you can use these tools under Magic Suite: Pro and Teams users are allowed to use Magic Media for 500 times a month for text-to-image and 50 times for text-to-video, while Free users are limited to 50 and 5 total uses respectively. Magic Edit, on the other hand, is limited to 100 uses a day regardless if you are a Free or Pro user.

Even with those limitations, Magic Studio is an absolute steal since it comes with every Canva Pro subscription, which is Php 2,490 a year for individuals and Php 5,980 for teams. It’s the best investment that you can make right now especially if your work focuses a lot on creating different types of content for various platforms.

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