CINEMA SOUND: Google Bringing Spatial Audio To Pixel 6 And 7 Models

CINEMA SOUND: Google Bringing Spatial Audio To Pixel 6 And 7 Models

For those who don’t believe that game-changing features can come through later updates over the cloud, here’s one for you: Google is bringing Spatial Audio to its Pixel 6 and 7 smartphones. That’s a humongous feature that a lot of people can try out, considering there are a ton of modern headphones compatible with the technology. Here’s what it’s all about.

The Spatial Audio feature Google is bringing in for Pixel devices is simply a more immersive way to experience sound. It provides an environment in which sound appears to be coming from different directions, relative to their location on the content you’re consuming. So, for example, music from a band will no longer just all be from one source. You’ll be able to tell where the vocalist, drummer, bassist, and other players are located relative to the microphone recording the audio.

When it comes to movies, just imagine the cinematic feel of watching an intense flick with sound coming from all directions. It may even make you believe you’re in the film itself. There is also integrated head-tracking for devices that support it. That means turning your head around will also change the sound to make it feel like they’re really around you.

So how do you work it out? Devices that will get this are the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, and 7 Pro. It’s a little odd to leave the 6a out of the equation, but maybe it will get it in a later update. For the Spatial Audio, it can be triggered by visiting the Sound page in Settings. On the other hand, you’ll have to go through Connected Devices for Head Tracking. Google also recommends toggling the Dolby Atmos option on the device.

Software support will also be app-related, but we can expect major players like Netflix and Spotify to be fully onboard.

Google may be impressive for bringing Spatial Audio onto the Pixel lineup, but Apple has done it as well. Although for the latter it’s only supported with selected audio equipment from the same brand.


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