Disney+ to Increase Price of All Subscription Plans in the Philippines

Disney+ to Increase Price of All Subscription Plans in the Philippines

Disney+ has announced that it will increase the price of its subscriptions in the Philippines starting April 24, and will be making changes to its offerings as well. In its advisory, the Mobile Plan will be replaced by a the Disney+ Basic Plan, which will cost Php 249 a month or Php 1990 a year. For comparison, the former Mobile Plan costs Php 159 a month, which is a Php 90 price hike when compared to the new Basic Plan. 

Disney+ Premium, on the other hand, is significantly more expensive with its new price of Php 519 a month or Php 4190 a year. For comparison, the original price of Premium is Php 369 a month or a whopping Php 150 price hike.

What are the changes that made both Disney+ plans more expensive in the Philippines? Aside from support for Dolby Atmos, Disney+ justifies the price hike in the Philippines by increasing the limit of mobile devices that can download content–up to 3 for the Basic Plan and up to 10 for the Premium Plan. The Basic Plan has been improved by having a maximum video quality of Full HD (the former Mobile Plan was capped at HD quality).

These changes makes the Disney+ Premium plan more expensive than Netflix’s own Premium Plan in the Philippines. However, Disney+’s Basic Plan is still competitive with Netflix’s Standard Plan, which is priced at Php 399 a month. 




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