Better Solution? LGUs Told To Plan Routes for Electric Vehicles

Better Solution? LGUs Told To Plan Routes for Electric Vehicles

Less than a month before the MMDA formally implements its ban on e-bikes on major roads, the DILG has instructed LGUs to plan routes where electric vehicles like e-bikes can operate. This will cover light electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-trikes and is part of the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA Law).

In a statement, DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos stated that creating routes for electric vehicles is required by law for LGUs to comply. Under the EVIDA law, LGUs are responsible for identifying routes where electric vehicles can pass through with approval from the DoTR. 


While it is under the law, our problem with it is how LGUs will identify routes through which e-bikes can pass. The majority of roads in Metro Manila alone are already small, and the call to create routes for electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-trikes is not going to help the worsening traffic situation. Abalos said that they have a technical working group studying the traffic concerns in Metro Manila–but we’re not confident about how they will be implementing this. 

In the meantime, Abalos said that the status quo is implemented before the April 15 implementation, so don’t get too angry on the road in case you encounter a stubborn e-bike.

As for concerns regarding the proposal for e-bikes to be registered and that users are required to have a driver’s license, Abalos reiterated that it should be mandatory for anyone who owns an electric vehicle with a speed limit of 26 to 56 km/h. The LTO is still working on guidelines regarding the registration and use of electric vehicles–and it still needs to consult with various stakeholders on the matter.


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