Facebook Finally Lets you Keep up to 4 Profiles

Facebook Finally Lets you Keep up to 4 Profiles

With the digital world evolving these days, people would not be content with having just one Facebook profile. Some users (like myself) would need different profiles for different purposes–one for connecting with family and friends, and perhaps one that’s focused on their passions.

However, the idea of logging off and logging in to a different account can be cumbersome sometimes–and it took years before Facebook became aware of this frustration from its users. As a response, it is now allowing users to keep up to four different profiles under one account.

For Facebook users like me who want to manage different profiles for different purposes, having the ability to keep multiple profiles under one account is a godsend, as it lets you keep your digital life more organized with less clutter to deal with. Picture this: you can switch from your profile for connecting with family and friends to your profile for your interests in gadgets, sneakers, KPop, or anything under the sun–without the need to log off your Facebook account.

“Creating multiple personal profiles lets you easily organize who you share with and what content you see for the various parts of your life,” Facebook elaborates in its post talking about multiple profiles.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add profiles to your account:

  • Choose a name and have an @username for up to four additional personal profiles.
  • Connect with the people or communities you choose so each profile has a unique Feed with relevant content and shared interests.
  • Easily switch between your profiles from there–without needing a separate login.

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