Globe Bags 8 Awards in Opensignal April 2023 Report

Globe Bags 8 Awards in Opensignal April 2023 Report

Opensignal has released its April 2023 Mobile Network Experience report for the Philippines, and one of its key findings is that Globe has taken over Smart in being the winner for Video, Games, and Voice experience for both 5G-only and overall categories. This marks a big change, as Globe dominates over Smart in receiving awards based on Opensignal’s findings–and shows that Globe has been improving further since 2022.

While Globe has led the way in offering the best experience in video, games, and voice, Smart remains to be in the lead when it comes to Download Experience in both 5G-only and overall categories. In this category, Smart has a Download Experience Speed score of 25.3Mbps–which is 2.6Mbps faster than DITO and 9.1Mbps better than Globe. The same can be said for 5G Download Experience, as Smart attained a score of 133Mbps–which is 22.5Mbps faster than Globe’s 110.8Mbps.

Third telco DITO takes the lead in Consistency, where it narrowly beats Globe in both Core Consistency and Excellent Consistency. Aside from that, DITO retains its crown when it comes to availability for the third time in a row, offering a 98.7% coverage–which is a 1% lead over Smart. DITO has yet fully rolled out its 5G services, so Opensignal has no data yet on DITO’s 5G performance for the time being.

Overall, the main findings of Opensignal’s April 2023 report is that this time around, Globe is the better telco network out of the three in terms of the number of awards it has obtained, while DITO is catching up with the competition.


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