Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re here to help you find some of the perfect gifts for him! Here are our Top 5 choices:

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  1. POCO X6 Pro 5G
  2. Moondrop Space Travel
  3. Tekken 8
  4. Quiver Time Bolt
  5. Ulanzi MT-44 Vlog Tripod

POCO X6 Pro 5G

While a smartphone for Valentine’s might seem a little out-of-season, the X6 just presents so much value that it’s hard not to consider it as an option for those of you who are thinking of giving something grand for the occasion, especially if you feel your special someone needs that midrange upgrade. It’s a great all-rounder whether it’s for play or work, and you can always add a little personal touch by saving a few photos inside before giving it.

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What he’ll love the most: The X6 is just a great overall midrange daily driver that’s oozing with performance and value, especially if upgrading from a phone from the last two years or so.

Moondrop Space Travel

The Space Travel is Moondrop’s latest True Wireless earbuds and is arguably the best performer in its price range. It is a great companion to have in the bag, and its good sound quality and active noise canceling feature are greatly appreciated when your guy’s out on those long commutes and needs a moment of respite. It’s quite a hit locally and can easily be bought online.

What he’ll love the most: Whether it’s the black or white variant, both Space Travels designs look great and have good build quality.

Tekken 8

Games can surprisingly be a great Valentine’s Day gift for him, and out of all the major releases this month, Tekken 8 makes it to our top 5 for a simple reason – just about anyone can enjoy it. It is considered one of the best fighting games in its genre and can be played easily even by beginners. It’s perfect for two people looking for a fun way to spend their time indoors, and way more engaging than just the usual Netflix and chill. The game is available online for the PC through Steam or drop just by any nearby Data Blitz branch if you prefer a PS5 copy.

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What he’ll love the most: Tekken is by far the most played fighting game in the Philippines, and chances are that he also has family and friends who play the game. He’ll surely appreciate the additional practice he can get at home so that he’ll be the undisputed champ during his next barkada gaming night, or family reunion.

Quiver Time Bolt

top valentine's day gifts him

The Bolt (and its bigger brother, the Quiver) are two of the most eye-catching Trading Card Game accessories in the market right now and we’re sure anyone taking up the hobby would love to own one. It’s simply a great card case for storing and carrying all of those cards and deck boxes from one tournament to the next. You can order these from Amazon, or buy the ones available locally at the Tambuyan Gaming Hub in Unbox Greenhills.

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What he’ll love the most: The compliments he’ll get from fellow hobbyists by just carrying it around. The Bolt is just ahead of the pack when it comes to card case design, and very rare to see locally that it’s very easy to spot anyone carrying it even in a big tournament.

Ulanzi MT-44 Vlog Tripod

top valentine's day gifts him

Rounding up our Top 5 list of Valentine’s Day gifts for him is this gem from Ulanzi. Probably the most handy, practical tripod design to date, the MT-44 can serve as a tripod for larger phones and even small cameras while doubling as an extension pole for handheld use. It’s still small enough to put in most backpacks as well, and a great travel companion for anyone planning to make content on the go. Hard to believe that this costs less than Php 1,000, and there are a lot of them being sold around on online platforms like HERE in Shopee.

What he’ll love the most: There is a folding smartphone holder that’s built into its mounting plate, complete with a cold shoe for mounting microphones and other accessories!

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