HONOR Wins 36 Awards at IFA 2023 for Magic V2, V Purse

HONOR Wins 36 Awards at IFA 2023 for Magic V2, V Purse

HONOR has recently garnered several awards and accolades at the recently-concluded IFA 2023, where the brand unveiled the Magic V2 for global markets, along with the V Purse concept phone. The former is touted as the lightest and slimmest foldable phone with a thickness of 9.9mm when folded, while the latter is a fashion-forward device that reimagines the foldable smartphone as a fashion accessory.

“HONOR’s foldable smartphones have come a long way, with each iteration showcasing remarkable advancements in design, functionality, and durability,” HONOR CEO George Zhao said.

The Magic V Purse is deserving of a recognition at IFA 2023 with its unique “Phone-to-purse” concept that heralds the beginning of electronic devices being seen as an entirely new category of fashionable consumer goods that offer unlimited opportunities for self-expression. It features various straps that include sustainable vegan leather options, along with an endlessly customizable AOD to turn the Magic V Purse into a fashion statement.

Aside from being class-leading in thinness when folded, the Magic V2 also gets proper recognition at IFA 2023 for being the thinnest smartphone in the market at 4.7mm when unfolded, which showcases HONOR’s engineering efforts towards foldables. The Magic V2 is also a lightweight foldable at just 231 grams, and it utilizes HONOR’s new Silicon-Carbon battery that allows it to have a total battery capacity of 5000mAh (split into two) inside its slim body.

As for engineering innovations, the Magic V2 highlights HONOR’s super light Titanium Hinge that’s certified to last more than 400,000 folds–all while keeping a slim and gapless design.


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