MMDA Issues Reminder About Playing Pokémon Go On The Streets

MMDA Issues Reminder About Playing Pokémon Go On The Streets

Pokémon Go has arrived for both Android and iOS, and while many are having difficulty catching and playing with Pokémon for now, there’s no doubt that the popularity of the game will pick up once the official release arrives in the PH. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has forseen the potential problems of people walking around the streets distracted with their smartphones and have issued a short and sweet reminder to the players of the augmented reality game.

In the Facebook message, the MMDA urges pedestrians to stop playing Pokémon GO while crossing the street and to not forget to check the road before crossing. If for any reason you can’t stop playing, the MMDA is asking people to use the designated pedestrian footbridges be aware of their surroundings as they cross the street.

The MMDA’s earlier reminder about the game isn’t unique – Australian police have earlier issued a statement about the merits of looking away from your phone before crossing the street. Be mindful of your surroundings while trying to catch Pokémon – you don’t want El Snatchero to take your phone away from you, do you?

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