National Geographic Channel no longer available in the Philippines

National Geographic Channel no longer available in the Philippines

Disney removed more cable channels in the Philippines following its initial purge back in 2021. Effective this October, cable channels like National Geographic, Star Chinese Channel, Star Chinese Movies, and Nat Geo Wild are no longer available in cable channels in the Philippines. Just like its previous purge, the channels mentioned will no longer be available in the Southeast Asia region as Disney continues to push for its Disney+ streaming service.

The end of broadcast for these channels is confirmed through an advisory from Sky Cable, where they explained that “as a result, all pay TV operators in the country will no longer be able to offer these channels,” and that all of their subscribers are affected by this change. As compensation, Sky Cable recommends alternatives like History, Discovery Channel, ZooMoo, and Cartoonito to all of its subscribers.

We’re not sure if Sky Cable’s alternatives are any good, but it’s clear that Disney is pushing hard for its streaming services–especially with added features like National Geographic and content from Pixar and Marvel Studios–as it wants to compete against Netflix here in the Philippines. Both streaming channels have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they make one thing clear: cable is a thing of the past, and streaming is the future for video consumption.

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