Netflix Imposing New Household Policy in the Philippines

Netflix Imposing New Household Policy in the Philippines

As part of its widespread crackdown on password sharing in several countries including the Philippines, Netflix is rolling out its Household policy to its users, flagging those using the streaming service in a different house.

One of our editors received a Netflix Household notification on their smart TV after the platform noticed that Netflix was being set up in a different home. Based on the notification displayed, it seems that Netflix makes use of your IP address to determine if your account was logged in on a different house.

On its help page, Netflix Household is described as “a collection of the devices connected to the internet at the main place you watch Netflix,” which can be set up using a smart TV.

To resolve this, you will need to click on the “Update My Netflix Household” option, where the platform will send you an email to verify if you made the request. Once done, Netflix will mark your internet IP address as your household moving forward.

Do note that you only do this if you are setting up a TV in your actual house. This can cause problems if you try to do so in a different household, especially outside of the Philippines where Netflix may have different policies regarding password sharing.


  • Lorna Navarro , August 13, 2023

    Hi, I sometimes stay in other places for a few days, does this mean I cannot use my Netflix account when I am using their Smart TV? I log off when I leave. Thanks.

  • Bob Reyes , August 13, 2023

    China go away!

  • Bob Reyes , August 13, 2023

    Russia go home

  • Boyax , August 14, 2023

    I will now unsubscribe and go to disney+

  • Edgardo , August 14, 2023

    That will be good for me, as long as I can watch NetFlix using my registered tabs and fon

  • Nuj anropsia , August 14, 2023

    What if we go on vacation and use our Netflix subscription in other areas?
    We log out after use.

  • Steve , August 14, 2023

    Sorry to tell you Disney+ is doing same!

  • Sikret , August 14, 2023

    We are using dynamic IP addresseses, will this be an issue?

  • Bryan , August 14, 2023

    Is that soooo better tell this new issue to my whole family friends nation so we can start to disconnect unsubcribe and shift to disney+ & hbo go ?

  • Bruce Knight , August 14, 2023

    Buy Firestik and not only cheaper than Netflix but much better and mobile works on any TV

  • Luisa Linda Gallardo Juan , August 14, 2023

    Why is it that IWant TV cannot be opened in my Apple iPad?. It was ok before, but it has been months now that it remained unopened but there is an audio minus d pictures/videos

  • Rey Castaneda , August 14, 2023

    You want more money?

  • Jay , August 14, 2023

    Yeah Disney+ will also crackdown on password sharing next year. Google it.

  • Chris , August 15, 2023

    Netflix is getting dirty and I’m tempted to cancel after 20 years with Netflix with their original DVD service in the US. My son is between my house and his mothers house and we constantly have issues. I saw Netflix had an extra option to allow this for a small add-on fee for one device out of my house but it doesn’t work as it still keeps upsetting my account.

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