Scams are so Bad in PH, the Gov’t Wants to Reset Auto-Debits

Scams are so Bad in PH, the Gov’t Wants to Reset Auto-Debits

Scams remain rampant in the Philippines despite recent efforts made by eWallet platforms like GCash that include insurance for transactions. The government is dealing with many cybersecurity issues as of late, and the DICT thinks that resetting the auto-debit feature in eWallet platforms should lessen the number of scams victimizing many Filipinos.

According to DICT Usec. Jeffrey Dy, the auto-debit feature in eWallets is allegedly taken advantage of by scams and other suspicious platforms, stealing people’s hard-earned money without their knowing. There’s truth to that, as some victims of credit card fraud involve being charged large amounts by companies where they usually have auto-debit enabled. 

This happened to us months ago, when Facebook allegedly charged our credit card Php 20,000 for ads even if we usually only spend Php 10,000 at most in boosting a post. Fortunately, the transaction was flagged and did not push through.

For those not familiar, auto debit is when money is paid regularly to a particular app or company through an eWallet account or credit/debit card. Examples of auto debit include subscriptions to streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify, where you are charged monthly to your debit/credit card or to your eWallet.

Dy proposes to all eWallet platforms to reset the auto-debit feature of their users to ensure that their eWallets are linked only to legitimate and trusted companies. While it may be burdensome for users who depend on the feature, Dy insists that it is for their peace of mind to ensure that no suspicious company is stealing from their eWallets.

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