ShopBack Shows Us What’s In Store This 2023

ShopBack Shows Us What’s In Store This 2023

Unwilling to rest on its laurels after a successful fiscal year, ShopBack was quick to announce its plans for the year 2023 moving forward. For those who are unfamiliar, it is Southeast Asia’s leading online cashback platform that seeks to enhance the general population’s online shopping experience.

The company earned PHP 1 billion in Gross Merchandise Value per month during the 2022 fiscal year. As a result, users across the platform were able to benefit from up to PHP 10 million worth of cashback. That amount’s only per month – meaning that for the year, multiply that by 12 and you have an annual total of around PHP 120 million in cashback. This amount was gathered from 5.5 million users in the Philippines who availed of the service by purchasing from over 600 merchants across the country.

This is what the brand’s Commercial Director, Timothy Tuason, had to say: “We look at the data and we also see what is the basket size per user. By observing this, we can then now retarget specific deals, and specific campaigns, because there are certain brands that may not relate the same things to a different type of basket size. So, we make sure we retarget specific campaigns to people we know that have this amount of spending power. Understanding these types of behaviors and making sure we shoot out is what really matters to us. It’s all about providing the opportunity to the users to be able to make their shopping experience better.”

ShopBack then announced its latest projects for 2023. This includes the launch of ShopBack Travel Club this coming May. This is for those who want to save or get more out of their travels by availing of amazing deals and promos.

Other projects mentioned were the ShopBack Travel and Lifestyle Fair and the celebration of ShopBack’s 8th birthday, happening from June 21 to June 28.

We’ll definitely be posting more updates on our site.


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