Smart, Globe, Most Improved For 5G: Opensignal

Smart, Globe, Most Improved For 5G: Opensignal

Opensignal, the leading mobile analytics company, has ranked operators globally by assessing their actual 5G mobile network experience. In their assessment, they found out that the Philippines is doing very well. In fact, both Globe and Smart are among the top 30 operators for 5G Global Impact across all “four measures.”

Opensignal assessed the improvement that users experience when they connect to 5G compared to older 4G technology. The test includes 4 measures: download speeds, upload speeds, gaming experience, and video streaming experience.

Both Smart and Globe achieved impressive results, with smart being the global leader for 5G Video Experience and Globe being the leader in 5G Games Experience. Smart scored 81.6 points on a 100 point scale. This means  Opensignal’s Smart users enjoyed an Excellent (75 or above) 5G Video Experience, an improvement from the Very Good (65-75) experience seen when streaming video over its 4G network. Meanwhile, Opensignal’s Globe users saw the largest global percentage improvement when comparing their 5G Games Experience to their 4G Games Experience — 65.2%. Smart Globe 5G Opensignal

More importantly, both Globe and Smart were able to achieve the third-highest global improvement when Opensignal compared their 5G and 4G Video Experience scores. Philippines is only second to Thailand, where users experienced the greatest 5G improvement on Video Experience.

This is something we don’t get to experience very often. It has now become undeniable that the 5G connection in the Philippines is better than ever. Opensignal even said, “the Philippines deserves a shout-out for making it into the top 30 operators for 5G Global Impact across all four measures.”

Interestingly, Opensignal said the 5G technology is still young. This means there’s still a lot of room for improvement. The already good 5G from Smart and Globe, according to Opensignal, will continue to improve for the years to come. Exciting times ahead!

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