The Nissan Leaf EV: The Future Is Now In The Philippines

The Nissan Leaf EV: The Future Is Now In The Philippines

The Nissan booth at the 2022 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) was massive, showcasing almost everything the brand has to offer. The overall theme of the display was very futuristic though, and up front and center was the Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle (EV). With gas prices the way they are now, there is no doubt that people have been looking into EVs – with long-term plans as more and more manufacturers commit to full electrification within the next few decades. How does the current state of this segment fare?

As you can see in the photos above, the Nissan Leaf is very conventionally-designed. It’s no Renault Twizy. It’s your typical compact 5-door hatchback with clean styling all throughout. The front headlamps blend well with the black accents of the grille, while the same is done for the rear.


Photo: Nissan Stories Global

Despite electrification, the components of the electric motor are all still at the front. This doesn’t have a “frunk” (front trunk) because the chassis was originally built to shelter an internal combustion engine at the front. However, that also means that the rear cargo area is free like it would be in any other vehicle for storage. You can effortlessly place suitcases here, enough for a few days’ trip out-of-town. The batteries, meanwhile, are embedded within the lower portion of the car’s chassis which means that the weight is balanced well inside the car.

Each purchase of a Nissan Leaf comes with a charging cable that will allow you to top up the 40 kWh battery pack from the convenience of your home. Each Nissan dealership will also be outfitted with quick chargers to bring the battery back to full life in 40-60 minutes. A battery charged to the brim has an average range of 311 km which is impressive. That’s a lot of trips to go to BGC or even Tagaytay and back. Imagine being able to do those multiple times on just one charge.

Nissan PH’s website shows the numbers of the electric motor to be competitive too. With 150PS of horsepower and 320Nm of torque, this vehicle has enough grunt for overtaking and other tasks you may find necessary on Philippine streets.

The interior is standard fare for Nissan, save for that interesting control unit in the center console. It gives the car a quirky appeal especially when we got to play around with it. There is a customizable display on the left side of the instrument cluster, while the head unit offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Other than that, there is ample space for the driver and passengers. Everything is well within reach here too. Anyone can live with this on an everyday basis since it isn’t offensive or difficult to use.

2022 Nissan Leaf Price Philippines

Based on the information from last year, the Nissan Leaf continues to sell for PHP 2,798,000.




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