Wattage Wars: realme Might Debut Fastest 240W Charging Tech

Wattage Wars: realme Might Debut Fastest 240W Charging Tech

Nowadays, it’s no longer about who has the longest battery life. The race has now shifted to which brand can charge a phone battery the fastest. It makes sense though, since a lot of us like using our smartphones in bed until we fall asleep. The ideal situation is for it to be fully charged between the time you wake up and when you leave your residence. Thankfully, realme has allegedly once again made strides by possibly introducing 240W charging to the market.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this realme 240W charging tech though. Earlier this year, OPPO has also announced a variant of its in-house SuperVOOC that should achieve the same wattage. However, it was never really brought to mass market – we’re guessing that they’re trying to keep the tech as safe as possible. Need to prevent homes burning down or accidents due to pushing the limits of technology too hard. See Galaxy Note 7. A more minor reason is to preserve battery health and longevity of devices to prevent complaints.

Popular sources like DigitalChatStation and other Twitter techies have claimed that this 240W charging technology by realme should come in the latest GT Neo 5 smartphones. One will feature 150W and the other 240W, but both will come with the same battery capacity. Half the sources peg it at around 4,600 mAh, while others have greater estimates at 5,000. We can safely look between those numbers for the correct one.

This eclipses the previous 210W record set by Xiaomi. The team at Xiaomi advertised a full battery in 8 minutes, but of course, charging time is also dependent on battery capacity and a bevy of external factors. This 240W realme tech is expected to trickle down to OPPO, vivo, and OnePlus, considering they’re all under BBK Electronics.

We’re looking forward to seeing this technology in the flesh, safe enough for worldwide use.


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