Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results!

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results!

The Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament held at the Rumble Royale Stronghold in Xavierville Avenue just concluded last weekend. It’s the biggest local Tekken 8 Tournament so far since the game’s launch nearly a month ago and features a massive Php25,000 prize pool to go along with a 128-player cap. The tournament also marks Rumble Royale’s first foray into supporting fighting games for their monthly community tournaments, and it proved to be a big success for the organization as all slots were easily filled days before the tournament.

rumble royale tekken 8
Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament information. Photo by Rumble Royale

However, the biggest question going into the weekend was how the local pros and popular personalities would fare competitively in the new game. Tekken 8 leans towards more aggressive gameplay, and the new mechanics and character changes mean that there is a lot to learn, unlearn, and discover in the game. In theory, this should level the playing field a little bit, as everyone is still in the discovery phases of the game. It wouldn’t even be strange if new names popped up to challenge the veterans in the game and cause a few upsets. Whatever happens, the results of this tournament will set the initial roster of local names to watch out for in the new game.

rumble royale tekken 8
Competitors watch the feature match. Photo by Rumble Royale

So how are the results? Let’s check them out by Group. To determine the Top 8, all 128 players are either seeded or randomly placed into smaller groups that run their double-elimination bracket tournament. In this format, a player gets eliminated when they lose twice – their first loss puts them in the loser’s bracket, and then their second loss eliminates them. The first-place winner in that group proceeds to the Winner’s / Upper bracket of the Top 8 (which is also played in a double-elimination format), while whoever gets 2nd place gets to proceed to its Loser’s / Lower bracket. 

PochSpice, Tingmats, Pica Lozano, and PBE Rakenrol bring the tournament to life with their amazing casting talents. Photo by PBE Rakenrol

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results – Group A

The first player to qualify for the top 8 also happened to be the Philippines’s best and most decorated Tekken player. Playbook Esports AK surprised everyone with his Dragunov pick and ran a clean 2-0 against everyone he went against. The second player to qualify was ATRX / LG’s Tomoriru, an EVO Top 50 competitor and considered to be one of the best King players in the country. Two prominent local names didn’t make it out of the bracket – 20V Siopao, considered one of the best players in Cavite, and VB Keenan, a Tekken 8 streamer.

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results – Group B

Two of the locally regarded prodigies also made their way out of group B. Doujin, a former The Nationals Tekken 7 League competitor and considered the other best player in PH made it out unscathed into the winner’s side of Top 8. VB Yimeiii, who is also a former The Nationals competitor makes it to the loser’s side with Shaheen. An interesting bit is that two of the other names that almost made it out of the bracket are ALSO former The Nationals competitors – HAPON and eightmethods Gold_Standard.

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results – Group C

Former Sibol Tekken 7 Coach and The Nationals competitor DRP mawts comes out on top of the bracket after a long hiatus from competitive play with his signature Nina. Meanwhile, CAST Kronjuvel, a regular in the local tournament scene, makes it to the Top 8 loser’s side over VB Kuya King and LK AGG VESPER using Shaheen.

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results – Group D

Out of Group D comes Jules, a former The Nationals competitor and easily one of the Top 3 in the country, using Claudio and Jin. Qualifying for the lower bracket of the Top 8 is DRP L, also considered one of the best King players in the country. Two other notable names that didn’t make the cut were Juker and N4k RGN – a couple of recent rising stars in local Tekken.

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results – Top 8

The winner’s side of the Top 8 are all familiar, expected names – PBE AK, Doujin, and Jules are widely considered to be the 3 best players in the country and have proven their continued dominance in the new game. The highlight though is on DRP mawt’s performance – it seems that the new game has been working well for him and he’s been on a roll so far, though it got cut immediately short by AK in the Winner’s Semis. On the other side, Jules was also able to beat Doujin 2-0 and send him to the loser’s bracket.

The winner’s finals was another AK vs Jules classic, with the latter finally giving AK his first set loss in the tournament, though the match still ended in the former’s favor 3-1 and he secured his spot in the Grand Finals.

rumble royale tekken 8
mawts vs Doujin is one of the best matches in the Top 8.

In the lower side of the bracket, DRP L and ATRX / LG Tomoriru got eliminated in Loser’s Round 1 by Yimeiii and Kronjuvel respectively. In the next round, the two prodigies Doujin and Yimeii fought with Doujin winning 2-0. On the other side of the bracket mawts also won 2-0 against Kronjuvel. Next comes probably one of the biggest surprises in the tournament as mawts won 2-1 against Doujin in a nail-biting loser’s semis match that went all the way to the last round. That seemed to cost him all of his energy though, as he lost 0-3 to Jules in the Loser’s finals.

The Grand Finals was a rematch between AK and Jules. Jules started strong with Claudio and had a commanding 2-0 lead versus AK’s Dragunov in an attempt to reset the bracket, but AK gave everyone a treat when he switched to his classic Shaheen to make a comeback, ending the set 3-2 and winning the whole tournament.

rumble royale tekken 8
AK wins the tournament and proves he’s still the best in the country. Photo by Rumble Royale

You can watch the replay of the tournament’s whole 10-hour broadcast on the Rumble Royale Facebook Page.

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