How to Make the Most out of Your Lazada Purchase

How to Make the Most out of Your Lazada Purchase

More reasons to love online shopping

There are a bunch of reasons why most consumers prefer to shop via eCommerce platforms like Lazada. Aside from the convenience of buying items they want or need without braving the horrible Metro Manila traffic, there are plenty of deals to be had on online. We’re not just talking about flash sales here: if you know how,  you can accumulate coupons and vouchers that can give you massive discounts on your next purchase.

Want to make sure you get those vouchers before making a purchase? Here are ways to obtain them:


By collecting vouchers through Lazada’s website before a major sale

Before major sales like 11.11, 9.9, and 8.8, Lazada would normally feature various vouchers on their site days before the actual sale. Some vouchers would appear at certain times of the day, and some are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

While Lazada may announce when it will be releasing vouchers on its site, some of the really good ones (ie. those that can save you over a thousand) come by surprise.

Here’s a caveat: you can collect as many vouchers as you want, but you can only use one upon checkout.


By hunting voucher codes flashed at Lazada’s LazLive shows

If you want to hoard vouchers ahead of every mega sale, you should take some time watching those LazLive shows. Each show follows a certain theme, and at times they would drop a voucher code or two during the live stream.


By collecting in-store vouchers at the Lazada mobile app

Aside from vouchers on its website and LazLive shows, there are some vouchers—specifically in-store vouchers—that are available only if you use the Lazada app. Some are found within the landing page of the app, while some only appear when you visit a store through the app. The nice thing about in-store vouchers? You can combine them with Lazada’s major sale vouchers for bigger savings!



By using Lazada’s Wallet credits

While it is not a voucher of sorts, you can earn additional savings if top up your Lazada Wallet. At random, Lazada would send its users Lazada Wallet credits that are usable for a certain period. While these Wallet credits are not big (at most you can get Php 60 pesos), they are useful in offsetting shipping charges at the very least.

Like in-store vouchers, you can use those Lazada eWallet credits together with the vouchers you obtained via the three previous methods we’ve mentioned earlier in this article.


BONUS: Make sure to use cashbacks

Outside of Lazada, you can earn more savings through cashbacks from digital payment providers like PayMaya and cashback apps like ShopBack. These platforms are affiliated with Lazada (and other eCommerce sites) and offer sweet deals every time you use their services. Compared to Lazada Wallet, cash backs offer better savings—provided that you can wait for a day (or two).

Here’s Why You Should Check Out the ShopBack App

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