iflix Adds a Plethora of Hollywood Blockbusters

iflix Adds a Plethora of Hollywood Blockbusters


Bring on the Competition!

It seems like Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service, iflix, isn’t afraid of a little competition. Prepared to duke it out, they add even more movies to their lineup that includes some of Hollywood’s most iconic films to popular cult classic. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the movies – we think – you should catch immediately.

Pulp Fiction


Say what again. Say what again. I dare you. I double dare you… and we’ll have to bleep out the rest of the lines. That’s right! You can now stream the Oscar Winning, Quentin Tarantino film starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman. The film follow three main narratives woven together in a brilliant piece of storytelling.

Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2


Yes, another Quentin Tarantino. Kill Bill is Tarantino’s nod to Martial Arts films of the past.  Uma Thurman plays Black Mamba aka The Bride, a member of an elite all-female assassination squad, who seeks revenge after the team attempt to take her out on her wedding day. This delightfully kooky tale of revenge may seem somewhat kitschy, but that’s just part of the films charm.

Good Will Hunting


A rough and tumble dude from South Boston with genius level intellect and an eidetic memory works as a janitor at MIT. That statement alone should get you interested in the movie, right? This movie that won an Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay for Matt Damon (who also happens to play the lead in this film) and Ben Affleck, and Best Supporting Actor for the late, great Robin Williams.

More Content to Come

Those are just some of the Movies iflix has added to their roster in recent weeks. They promise to add even more content to their extensive library and we could possibly be seeing up to 30 new titles weekly that include more Hollywood hits, TV Shows from the US and from the region. Remember, iflix has a trial period of 1-month for inquisitive people who might want to test the waters before they take the plunge and pay the P99 (If you’re a Smart Subscriber) to enjoy more of their ever growing 18,000 Movies and TV Shows library of content.

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