Nike Launches Hyper Court Basketball App

Nike Launches Hyper Court Basketball App

Your basketball training guide, right at your fingertips

The Philippines love basketball so much: Regardless of location or outfit, we Pinoys simply love the game. At times, we would like to bust out the same moves by our basketball idols like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and Kobe Bryant.

With that in mind, Nike and Google collaborated together to create Nike Hyper Court: it is an on-court digital experience that provides users with basketball content without the need for data. With your smartphone, along with the app and Google’s technology, you get access to videos to help you level up your basketball skills, along with other Nike-exclusive content to motivate you to be like your basketball idol.

We got to use the app (which is accessible via, and it’s quite nifty: Depending on which player you choose, each Nike athlete will guide you through their trademark basketball skills–from dribbling to shooting.

To use the app, users need to visit specific courts around Metro Manila, depending on their player of choice. Here are the first five courts launching this holiday season:

1. Titan Love Court, BGC – LeBron James Court (December 2017 launch)
2. Ususan Court, Taguig – Kobe Bryant Court
3. Comembo Covered Court, Makati – Kevin Durant Court
4. Scarlet Homes Covered Court, Paranaque – Russell Westbrook Court (December 2017 launch)
5. YCL Covered Court, Quezon City – Kyrie Irving Court

More courts will be enabled with Nike’s Hyper Court in the future, so stay tuned.


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