Ragnarok Going Play-to-Earn with Labyrinth NFT

Ragnarok Going Play-to-Earn with Labyrinth NFT

Being one of the longest-running MMORPG franchises out there, it seems that Ragnarok is setting its eyes on joining the play-to-earn movement by announcing Labyrinth NFT. As the name implies, the next title from the popular MMORPG franchise makes use of blockchain technology, rewarding players with tokens for playing the game and doing specific tasks.

Tokens earned in the game are in the form of ONBUFF Coins ($ONIT) which can be traded on decentralized exchanges like Upbit. The NFTs in the game aims to not just provide a better experience but to reward players for playing the game. Aside from its NFT aspect, there will be character customizations, where players will be able to exchange, sell, and trade their in-game items.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT will introduce new gameplay aspects like PVP battles, solving mazes, along with MVP and boss levels for those who are looking for challenging content. There will also be a Party Assemble Mode, where players can team up with others in their journey.

In case you were wondering, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is developed by Gravity Game Link, which is a branch office of Gravity Co., Ltd, that was established in 2019. Prior to this, Gravity Game Link also created titles such as Ragnarok Forever Love, Ragnarok Frontier, and Lost Saga Origin.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is currently on pre-registration and is set to go live in Southeast Asia this second quarter.

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