Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender – A First Look

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender – A First Look

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is a live-action version of the popular animated series. The show follows the story of Aang, a young Avatar who must learn to control the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) to bring balance to a world that is under threat from the evil Fire Nation.

Albert Kim, known for his work on Sleepy Hollow and Nikita, is the showrunner, executive producer, and writer for the show. Jabbar Raisani (who has worked on Lost in Space and Stranger Things), Michael Goi, Roseanne Liang (also a co-executive producer), and Jet Wilkinson are the executive producers and directors. From Rideback, Dan Lin (who produced The Lego Movie and Aladdin) and Lindsey Liberatore (known for Walker) are the executive producers.

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender – Plot

Avatar’s story begins with the four nations: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. They once lived in harmony, with the Avatar, master of all four elements, keeping the peace between them. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked and wiped out the Air Nomads, the first step taken by the Firebenders toward conquering the world. With the current incarnation of the Avatar yet to emerge, the world has lost hope. But like a light in the darkness, hope springs forth when Aang (Gordon Cormier), a young Air Nomad — and the last of his kind — reawakens to take his rightful place as the next Avatar. Alongside his newfound friends Sokka (Ian Ousley) and Katara (Kiawentiio), siblings and members of the Southern Water Tribe, Aang embarks on a fantastical, action-packed quest to save the world and fight back against the fearsome onslaught of Fire Lord Ozai (Daniel Dae Kim). But with a driven Crown Prince Zuko (Dallas Liu) determined to capture them, it won’t be an easy task. They’ll need the help of the many allies and colorful characters they meet along the way.

You can watch Netflix’s Inside Look for Avatar below. Our first impressions? They really brought the world to life, and the main cast all are charismatic in their roles. This might really be the live-action adaptation we’ve all been waiting for.

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