Top 5 Netflix KDrama Shows That You Should Watch (2024)

Top 5 Netflix KDrama Shows That You Should Watch (2024)

Kdramas have become so popular in the past few years, that streaming platforms like Netflix capitalized on them by signing licensing deals to stream some shows—or even creating their own KDrama series. There are a number of very popular ones like Squid Game and Crash Landing on You, and Netflix by itself is a treasure trove for great KDrama shows.

If you’re looking for a solid KDrama show to binge on Netflix this 2024, here are some of our top recommendations. For this list, we looked at the more recent KDrama shows from 2021 onwards and picked those that were widely talked about in social media.

Top 5 Netflix KDrama Shows That You Should Watch (2024)

  • Doona!
  • My Name
  • Business Proposal
  • All of Us Are Dead
  • The Glory



KPop fans who want to see and understand the unglamorous side of idols should watch this KDrama series, as Doona! shows how our favorite idols are still human beings who have their fair share of problems. Suzy is a solid pick for the titular character because she herself used to be a KPop idol—and she understands all the struggles idols go through behind the glitz and glamour.

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My Name

Han So Hee is a popular actress for her roles in The World of the Married, Nevertheless, and recently Gyeongseong Creature. While So Hee is a stellar actress in these KDrama shows, we think her best series has to be My Name, where she goes full action star mode beating evil men left and right. My Name showcased that So Hee is a versatile actress—she even trained for the stunts in the KDrama series!

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Business Proposal

“Samantha and Rachel” is probably one of the most memorable lines from Kim Sejeong, and she’s a true natural in Business Proposal. This romantic comedy series is filled full of adventures and misadventures between Sejeong and Seol In-Ah’s quest in finding their dream guy. And with Ahn Hyo-Seop being the lead actor, Business Proposal is a fun watch for those who like the familiar KDrama plot that involves a Chaebol and a commoner.

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All of Us Are Dead

Apocalyptic, zombie-themed shows are a hit in the KDrama genre—Kingdom is a perfect example. All of Us are Dead is a great spin to the genre with students involved trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Park Solomon and Cho Yi-Hyun lead the students towards surviving an insane apocalypse that left them abandoned, and the show’s ending will definitely get everyone curious at what will happen in Season 2.

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The Glory

The Glory is a great KDrama show to watch especially if you are interested in revenge plots. The idea of an adult woman trying to get back against her tormentors back in high school is very intriguing, and The Glory veers away from the usual KDrama formula with its dark plot that makes Squid Game‘s brutal deaths more like child’s play. And with Song Hye-Kyo as the lead character, it’s no surprise why The Glory is one of the most talked-about KDrama shows in 2023.

That rounds up our top picks for Netflix Kdrama shows that are worth binging on this 2024. Do you have other recommendations? Do let us know!

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