You Can Now Rent A Movie Screen To Game On In Malaysia

You Can Now Rent A Movie Screen To Game On In Malaysia

While there’s plenty of cinemas coming back online across the country, a large majority of the big screens remain shuttered because of COVID-19. This isn’t just something that’s happening in the Philippines – cinemas are largely shuttered across Asia in countries that have increasing COVID-19 cases, which means more financial losses for these companies.

But one company out in Malaysia has found the perfect way to offset some of the lost revenue by renting out their theaters to gamers. Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), a chain of cinema houses in Malaysia, now allows gamers to bring their own console/PC to the theaters and play games with their friends.

You’ve seen movies on the big screen, but have you played games on the BIG SCREEN? ?

Now you can book a hall from us…

Posted by GSC on Thursday, 22 October 2020

A post on GSC’s facebook page shows footage of a couple of games they’ve tried projecting inside the theaters such as Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Just imagine being able to play games like NBA 2K20 on your Xbox One or FIFA 20 on your Playstation hooked up to a theater screen. That might give 4K widescreen TVs a run for their money in terms of delivering a large-screen gaming experience.

What we do know is that repurposing theaters for large-screen gaming is possible for digital theaters. Local digital theaters are potentially capable of offering their theaters to gamers for this purpose, it might just need a little push or suggestions to their marketing teams to consider the opportunity. Some digital cinemas in Metro Manila include Araneta City Cineplex, SM Cinemas, Podium Cinemas, and Ayala Mall Cinemas to name a few.

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