Unboxing the Opt iPad Leather Bag

Unboxing the Opt iPad Leather Bag

I’ve been looking for a sleek, professional, and slim bag for my iPad 2 and a few other mobile stuff (wallet, phone cards, etc). After several weeks of checking out different kinds of bags from great brands like Crumpler, Samsonite, Tumi, Belkin, and Kenneth Cole, I finally found “the one”. The Opt iPad Leather Bag fits the bill of sleek, professional, and slim. It was built specifically for the iPad and it has three small compartments. Made from quality cowhide leather, the Opt iPad Leather Bag will not come across as cheap.

Here are some photos of the unboxing made at the A Shop, Podium mall.

Standard Opt plastic box. This is the same packaging for their other products like the iPad case and sleeve.

What’s inside? Pretty obvious, hehe. The leather bag and the thin strap. By the way, this bag comes in black or cream color.

It can fit my iPad 2, iPhone 4, Nokia E5, and Dosh Classic Wallet. Not bad!

Great slim bag!

The Opt iPad Leather Bag will set you back Php 3,900. Definitely pricey compared to other iPad bags and sleeves.

While this bag looks amazing we strongly advise people who do public commutes to skip this entirely. It’s not really secure since it has no magnet or button to keep it shut. If you’re in public places better keep it close to you. Best suited for the office, meetings, or social (but secure) functions.

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