Motorcycles-for-Hire Act gets Approved by Senate

Motorcycles-for-Hire Act gets Approved by Senate

One step closer to being legal

Motorcycle-hailing services like Angkas and JoyRide are now a step closer to being legal, as Senate gave the green light to the Motorcycle-For-Hire Act, a year after Congress approved the bill for it.

In its press release, Public Services Head Sen. Grace Poe said that the signing of Committee Report No. 46 of Senate Bill No. 1341(the technical name of the Motorcycle-For-Hire Act) brings it a step closer to legalizing motorcycle taxis as public utility vehicles.

Under the said bill, motorcycles are defined as “any two-wheeled motor vehicle registered with the LTO, which transports passengers and goods on a for-hire basis, and which may utilize online ride-hailing or pre-arranged transportation platforms”.

In addition, the statement adds that motorcycles should weigh less than 1000kg, travel faster than 50km/h, and has a minimum engine displacement of 125cc. Aside from the usual registration, those applying for a motorcycle taxi needs to secure a certificate of public convenience from LTFRB.

“We will continue looking for ways and means to improve the people’s mobility and assure their safety,” Poe said.


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