Is OPPO Looking To Enter The EV Market?

Is OPPO Looking To Enter The EV Market?

What does OPPO, Google, Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi all have in common? Aside from making smartphones, all four tech companies are reportedly looking to get into the electronic vehicle (EV) industry. OPPO is the latest technology brand that’s rumored to jump on the EV bandwagon, joining other tech companies in the race to build and offer fully electric vehicles to the masses.

Smartphone Oppo is entering EV Industry The brains behind the movement is none other than OPPO founder and CEO Tony Chen. It has been reported that the company has been looking to forming a team specifically for their expansion to the automotive industry. According to rumors, Vice President of OPPO Software Engineering Wu Henggang has been interviewing experts on autonomous driving and data algorithms to work for the company. Guo Yandong, the chief scientist of OPPO who came from Xiaopeng Motors in the past, has also been reported to be closely involved in the company’s autonomous driving team. In addition to this, Tony Chen has been spotted meeting up with officials from the Chinese Automotive Research Institute and Passenger Car Division as well as CATL, the company that supplies batteries to US EV manufacturer, Tesla.

This expansion to work on an electric car does not come as a surprise as OPPO has already published patents related to autonomous driving, cameras, distance measuring devices, and equipment for car positioning in the past. CEO Tony Chen has previously stated that “even in car manufacturing, we will focus on areas that OPPO can perform well. If automakers can’t build good cars and OPPO has the strength, we will try it in the future.”

Overall there really is no telling whether OPPO will be pushing to build a whole EV on their own or just partner up with an automotive manufacturer by providing parts and software for smart electric vehicles as Huawei did. One thing is for sure, though, we will be expecting advanced automotive technology from Oppo hopefully soon.


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