Daily Tech Drivers: TV5’s Nikki de Guzman

Daily Tech Drivers: TV5’s Nikki de Guzman

While news anchors appear to be always serious on camera, they usually have a colorful personality off camera. Take Nikki De Guzman for example: beyond being a news anchor for TV5, she is an avid video game fan who loves titles like God of War and The Witcher, and iconic book series like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. 


One thing that stands out about Nikki’s personality is her love for the Lord of the Rings series, which is seen on the back panel of her iPhone 11 Pro. While she’s not the type that upgrades gadgets to the latest model, Nikki swears by her iPhone 11 Pro as it has been her go-to gadget wherever she goes. She also loves customizing her gadgets to showcase what are her interests, and that Lord of the Rings skin on the back of her iPhone is proof of her love for the series.

To go along with her iPhone 11 Pro, part of Nikki’s everyday carry (EDC)  is a pair of 3rd-gen AirPods (with a Game of Thrones-theme case!) and a 7th-gen Apple Watch. She loves to listen to music all the time when traveling, while her Apple Watch is there to encourage her to workout and stay on top of her health.

As someone working in media, having good audio is important, which is why a lapel mic is important for Nikki. She recalls using it very often during the pandemic, when she had to deliver newscasts via Zoom. This microphone has been always part of her, and wearing it indicated that she’s ready to go on air (in this case, go live in Zoom).

Beyond her geeky personality, Nikki is an avid videogame enthusiast, having owned several consoles through the years. She recalls the PlayStation 2 as the first console she loved because it was during that time when God of War and Tekken 4-5 were among the popular titles back in the day. From the PlayStation 2, Nikki owned an Xbox 360, and a PlayStation 4, and is waiting for The Witcher 4 before making that jump into the PlayStation 5. Nikki loves games with a good story, and she got so obsessed with The Witcher 3, she spent 6 months completing the game!

Rounding up Nikki’s top tech essentials best summarizes her colorful personality with a mobile karaoke system. It has a funny story on its own: Nikki was supposed to gift it to her makeup artist, but accidentally ordered two mini karaoke systems in the process. Realizing how loud it can go, Nikki ended up keeping it and has used it as her sound system in all the events she has hosted. Even her parents love the mobile karaoke system as well!

All of these products best describe Nikki’s colorful personality on- and off-camera, all of which shows that her hobbies and interests go along with her work in media.

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