Galaxy S24 Series Offer Better 5G Speeds than iPhone 15 Series

Galaxy S24 Series Offer Better 5G Speeds than iPhone 15 Series

If you’re not sure if you should buy the Galaxy S24, Ookla has recently released its 5G speed test for devices in the Asia Pacific Region for early 2024. The results are interesting: the new chips powering the Galaxy S24 series (Exynos 2400 for the S24 and S24+, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for S24 Ultra) offer a notably better average 5G download and upload speeds compared to their predecessors.


For 5G average download speeds, we are looking at an improvement of 17Mbps when compared to the Galaxy S23 series and around 20Mbps when compared to the Galaxy S22 series. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S24 series offers a big jump in 5G download speeds compared to Apple’s iPhone 15 series, which only has an average of 120.54Mbps or a difference of around 37mbps.


The Galaxy S24 series’ also offers improvements in terms of latency by 2ms compared to the Galaxy S23 and S22 series, which shows that the 5G modems used on the Galaxy S24 series benefit from better 5G speeds.

While it’s nice to see the Galaxy S24 series offering better overall 5G performance, upgrading may depend on your needs: if you’re using a Galaxy S22 series, you will benefit from it because aside from better 5G speeds, you also gain access to Galaxy AI features that are great to have.

However, Galaxy S23 users may opt to not upgrade, especially since Samsung is gradually rolling out Galaxy AI to the entire Galaxy S23 series.

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