Samsung Reclaims Top Spot in Global Smartphone Sales

Samsung Reclaims Top Spot in Global Smartphone Sales

As markets start to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been changes in global smartphone share. In Counterpoint’s Market Pulse report for August 2020, Samsung reclaims the top spot with 22% of the market share, while Huawei falls to second place with 16% market share. Xiaomi has grown its market share by 3% as compared to Counterpoint’s April 2020 report, making it 1% behind Apple.

Samsung’s rise to the top is a result of reaching its highest market share in India at 26%. Aside from India’s economy recovering from a nationwide lockdown, Samsung’s aggressive online channel strategy (led by the Galaxy M series) helped it propel back to the first spot.

Huawei’s decline, on the other hand, is due to the US Trade Ban. With the trade ban being in full effect, Counterpoint expects Huawei’s market share to fall further unless the Chinese tech giant finds ways to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the trade ban. One of Huawei’s solutions is rapidly developing its in-house HarmonyOS software to be compatible with its line of products including smartphones.

Xiaomi’s increased market share is due to the brand increasing its presence in areas that used to be dominated by Huawei. One of these markets include Central and Eastern Europe.

“Geopolitical policies and political affairs among nations are affecting the smartphone market in many ways. There will be heightened marketing activity to seize opportunities in these regions and segments. As a result, the concentration of top players in the smartphone market will be much stronger. We see players like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and OPPO benefiting the most,” Research Analyst Minsoo Kang said.


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