The Galaxy Z Tab MIGHT be the Next Samsung Foldable

The Galaxy Z Tab MIGHT be the Next Samsung Foldable

While we already got a few interesting tidbits about the Galaxy Tab S9 series that include an IP67 rating and an S23-inspired design, Samsung might push the boundaries of tablets with a new foldable that might be called the Galaxy Z Tab.

As crazy as it might seem, a tweet also adds that this new foldable tablet is set to debut alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 series–which means that there’s a good chance that it will join the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 later this year.

The idea of a foldable tablet is not new: ASUS already has the ZenBook Fold that transforms from a 12.5-inch laptop to a 17.3-inch workstation. While Samsung may go for a similar route, there’s a possibility that one of its Flexible OLED concepts might be a reality with the Galaxy Z Tab.

There’s also the possibility that Samsung might utilize its Flex Hybrid OLED concept that does fold and slide to transform into a 12.4-inch panel with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The most feasible one, however, might involve a tri-folding OLED display, which was exhibited at CES 2022 as the Flex G.

This approach had the display folding like a brochure, and further expand the screen estate of the Galaxy Z Fold4’s current design to transform it into a large, 12-inch tablet.

Details about this mysterious foldable tablet is still scant, and we’re looking forward to how Samsung will further solidify itself when it comes to foldable devices.

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