Xiaomi’s Next Mi 3 Sale is On July 4, 11 AM

Xiaomi’s Next Mi 3 Sale is On July 4, 11 AM

Mi 3 Sale

It’s official! Get ready to start ordering starting 11 AM on July 4!

If you haven’t caught it yet, Xiaomi will be having another flash sale tomorrow for their value packed Mi 3 flagship smartphone at Lazada. Xiaomi’s been asking their fans through their Facebook page on what time would be the best to conduct the sale, and an overwhelming number has said that 11 AM should be the starting time for the sale. 2000 sets of Mi 3’s will be sold once 11 AM rolls around, so be sure to check out the buying guide before hunkering down.

Speaking of sales, VP of Xiaomi Global gave us a heads up of what happened during the first flash sale. It seems that Lazada was pretty much on the ball, as the e-commerce site managed to deliver 70% of all the units by the time the weekend rolled around. Even more impressive is the fact that around 25% of the orders were delivered by Lazada on the same day of the sale, a big accomplishment considering that traffic was pretty terrible because of the rains that same day (June 26). While the company did not reveal just how fast the Mi 3’s sold out, they did say that they broke records at Lazada.

So, who is getting a Mi 3? Sound off below.

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