A Brand New First-Gen Apple iPhone Just Sold For PHP 2.2 Million

A Brand New First-Gen Apple iPhone Just Sold For PHP 2.2 Million

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the first-generation 2007 Apple iPhone paved the way for smartphones to become what they are today. Without it, innovation wouldn’t nearly be as progressive and we’d probably be a couple of years behind in terms of mainstream technology. That’s why this device has been cemented as an iconic piece of pop culture, and a symbol of a transition in time. It’s now worth quite a lot of money, but how much? $39,339.60 USD is the value, to be exact.

We all remember that keynote from 2007 like it was yesterday. The room was filled with oohs and ahhs at the future of portable computing. A bevy of new features could be had in the palm of one’s hand, and the assured ecosystem was just in its beginning stages. It had a storage capacity of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. The one sold here is the 8GB model which was $599 back in the day. We know that inflation has hit hard over the past decade, but not that hard. However, its impact is undeniable: The device was so revolutionary that it even got itself a spot in Time Magazine, alongside basically every tech outfit that year.

The item was sold over at LCG Auctions, with its full sheet made available here. “This factory sealed, first-release example is in exceptional condition.  Virtually flawless along the surface and edges, the factory seal is clean with correct seam details and tightness.  Labels on the reverse are correctly pristine beneath the seal.  All original – no aftermarket stickers or UPC labels on this one.  Brand new, never activated.  Collectors and investors would be hard pressed to find a superior example.  Relevance and rarity comprise a winning formula for this red hot collectible.”

Essentially, it’s the freshest unopened first-generation Apple iPhone you can find. This could mean a lot to diehard collectors of the brand, or even fans of the late Steve Jobs himself. Prices apparently were in the $10,000 range hours before the bid closed, but last minute activities saw this spike up to the preposterous $39,339.60 (PHP 2.2M) final deal we see here.

This first-generation Apple iPhone lacks most of the modern functionalities of its latest siblings: no AppStore, no Siri, no Maps, and other things. However, it is highly unlikely that this device will ever be activated anyways. It will simply fulfill its role as a display piece for years, if not decades to come – as a catalyst of innovation of forward-thinking.


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