Angkas to Challenge Grab with Angcars TNVS Service

Angkas to Challenge Grab with Angcars TNVS Service

Angkas has ambitious plans for 2024. Aside from being viral for its witty and timely social media posts, the home-grown motorcycle taxi app is looking to expand its services–and Angkas is thinking that Angcars might be a good alternative to other 4-wheel ride-hailing services like Grab and JoyRide SuperTaxi.


In true Angkas fashion, Angcars is their pun-filled take on their upcoming ride-hailing service, with CEO George Royeca revealing at their “2024 and Beyond” townhall that Angcars is coming later this year. Details are vague at this point, but Royeca revealed that there will be two versions: Angcars Economy for regular ride-hailing services and Angcars Plus for those who need a four or six-seater car for their ride-hailing needs. 

Outside of the pun-filled Angcars, Angkas added that they are expanding their services with Health for home healthcare services like blood testing and Padala to accommodate Filipino entrepreneurs’ courier needs.

Like Lalamove’s rider-focused initiative, Angkas is working on its AngKash (yes, another pun from them) initiative that aims to provide low-cost loans to its riders so that they can have an easier time acquiring and upgrading their motorcycles. For this initiative, Angkas is working with Honda and Uno Bank to expand the coverage of its AngKash initiative.


Overall, Angkas’ 2024 plans look bright and promising, and its plan to launch Angcars is its most interesting and most ambitious plan–especially in light of inDrive facing issues due to its business model.


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